Product name High Quality Long Life Coolant
Material Propylene glycol
Pure water
Addition agent M.A.I. liquid
Capacity PG55 HQ 2L bottle
PG55 HQ 4L bottle
PG55 HQ 20L bottle
Freezing point -30 degree?[Celsius]
Boiling point 107 degree?[Celsius]
Color emerald green (you can select color as you want)
Retail price in Japan 2L 2,600 JPY/pc
4L 4,700 JPY/pc
20L 19,500 JPY/pc
Usage Rust prevention and Overheat protection for city ride users and Eco friendly car like hybrid car, other from small car to large displacement car
Character of this product PG55 HQ is a high quality Long Life Coolant. The main component of PG55 HQ are high quality pure water and high concentration propylene glycol. We use this propylene glycol 50% in total capacity. Also we added our own developed addition agent M.A.I. liquid.
We have formulated our coolant in the best condition so please do not use without diluted with water.
Rust prevention and overheat protection
Shorten the time of warming up so good for gas mileage
The frozen temperature range is -30 degree Celsius so good for cold place too.
Our recommendation for changing period of PG55 HQ is 5 years or 50,000Km. You can save the expenses for your car maintenance.